Press Bowery Gallery:
Lynn Kotula Conversations on a Tabletop & Tony Serio Seasons: Recent Paintings, 2016,
reviewed by John Goodrich. Link to article

Bowery Gallery:
Uptown Artstroll open studio highlight, 2014. Link to article

Grier Torrence
Art Blog
Northern Manhattan Art Alliance:
Tony Serio Open Studio, 2014, blog. Link to article

Manhattan Times Northern Manhattan Art Alliance:
In not-so-plain sight: Northern Manhattan artists explore the landscape, 2013, review.
Link to article Bowery Gallery:
Lynn Kotula: Animated Conversations & Tony Serio: Hudson River Landscapes, 2012,
reviewed by John Goodrich. Link to article

Where New York Spotlight, Heavenly Hudson:
Bike Path and Overpass, 2012.
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Manhattan Times Art Seen Uptown:
Boricua College, 3755 Broadway at West 156th Street, 2008, article by Daniel Bader, 2008. Download PDF

Manhattan Times Artist's views from his window capture—and help—a neighborhood:
Article by Andrew Kesher, 2008. Download PDF

In New York Magazine Arts and Antiques, Highlight
125th Street and Aqueduct, 2007
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